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About our project

We live in a time of diverse ecological, economic, social and spiritual transformation processes. The new epoch that is emerging in the process is still searching for its essence; it is also outlined as the "Anthropocene", the age of the human being. But what is the essence of being human? The global process of understanding this is only just beginning.

To contribute to it, we - people of different professions; scientists, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs and others who feel touched in their hearts - are joining forces and initiating a project we call Hostels on the Edge of the World, in free reference to John Streckley's bestseller 'The Café on the Edge of the World' ("To be fully ourselves, we must allow our true selves to be. It's as simple as that").

This is how a network of spaces is organised, which tends to condense, initially across Europe, open to free development of consciousness, self-exploration, personality development and co-creativity.

With a simple, aesthetic and yet very different ambience, each of these hostels can be seen as a refuge and manifestorium in which, scientifically accompanied, a growing range of theories, methods, techniques, tools and instructions are made available to inform about transformation potentials -access to inner and outer worlds of experience- as well as to make them practically learnable and applicable for co-creative vision realisation, resource- and meaning-oriented project work.

Those who find this resonant, curious and interested are cordially invited to join us. We would like to clarify and develop how concretely in personal conversations.

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We thank all those who are actively involved in this project and for their financial contributions!

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