Symposium: oikos - Approaches Towards Community Based Economies



Silvio Gesell

Approaches Towards Community Based Economies | Clearing Systems

Sylvio Gesell was a mastermind of whom J.M.Keynes said: "I believe that the future will learn more from the spirit of Gesell than from that of Marx." Today, again in troubled times, 100 years later, the discussion about local economies and complementary currencies comes up again and not for the first time in the last century. A dialogue about this is necessary because a development of the given system is desirable. We encourage people to come together in the spirit of the approach: everyone is right, no one can always be wrong, and ask ourselves where the connecting elements are. Away from the "I have the better solution" to a "both and". In the spirit of the open source community, not to invent the wheel twice, but to evaluate the possibilities of networking. A socio-ecological transformation is an attempt to get rid of short-sighted perspectives and to dare to look into the future. The question is not whether politics and civil society must intervene, but what means are available to us.

"At the present moment, more than usual, people are expecting a more fundamental diagnosis Apart from this contemporary mood, however, the thoughts of economists and philosophers of the state, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more influential than is generally supposed. Indeed, the world is dominated by not much else." (John Meynard Keynes, Allgemeine Theorie der Beschäftigung, des Zinses und des Geldes, 1935)

Now let us see, how the "else" can thrive!


The call for papers is open until April 26. This leaves some timesubmit a proposal. Registration for the symposium has also begun.

Presentations can be submitted for the following length of time:

- Lightning Talks (15 mins) for Project Introduction
- Long Talk (45 mins)
- Workshop (1 hour) Functional Demonstrations

The following tracks are listed for the conference:

  • Ecosystems for Community Based Economies
    • Project Introductions
    • The Role of Complementary Currencies
    • Creating Trust
    • Currencies Backed by Labour / Non-Convertibles
  • Available Clearing Tools
    • Backends
    • Transaction Front Ends
    • Open Source ?
  • Networking Talks

Times in CEST (Central European Summer Time, GMT+2 / Paris, Berlin, Rom )

26.06.2021; 16:00 bis 27.06.2021; 18:00
Online Veranstaltung,
Admission-Fee to cover Expenses € 50,00