From the website into action

After more than a year of the pandemic, many people long for deep connection and conscious, loving community, virtual and also very real. We have opened our treasure chest to go with you into the depths, to be happy again and to feel joy, inner freedom and love.

So we have designed permanent virtual meetings that are carried by this spirit. They offer this deep space to digest and integrate this last time since spring 2020.

We want to explore together where in us - individually and collectively-trauma has been triggered anew, or the old has been triggered. How and what this has changed in us and how we can use it to form a new, much deeper togetherness of our relationship networks by looking at it together and integrating it.

With these virtual meetings, we want to shape our togetherness in such a way that everyone feels seen and heard, we want to allow ourselves to meet lovingly, benevolently, value-free and in true presence. These practice groups are supported by intrinsic Blended Learning under scientific supervision.

This proven connection and familiarity is also created at local, Europe-wide physical locations: "The Why Hostels" as group events and, if desired, as longer retreats. There are already hostels in Germany, France, Crete (Greece), Mexico, Thailand and under construction with a daily structure in the sense described above, a hostel currently being built in Spain/ Andalusia.

The launch is scheduled for this summer. You will receive information via our newsletter: Newsletter: Spaces of Consciousness | The Why Hostels.

"This is an age between worldviews, creative but disoriented, in which a transitional era no longer carries into the old vision of a culture and a new one has not yet set in. However, we are not without clues as to what the new one may look like." Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche