after an overwhelming, great effort by our co-founder and idea generator for the Dragolino project, Michael Etzbach, something Incredible in a very short time arised! A number of international project partners from Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Albania have joined the project, and an Erasmus+ funding for the Dragolino project has been requested. Overall, the partnerships are complementary. There are only a few Overlaps. The greatest common denominator is: game development and game implementation experience. Most of these partnerships came in, within 48 hours after the publication of the "Dragolino" on the platform Up2Europe. This shows that the efforts of the main topics hit the nerve: ..."combination of Co-creativity, Cooperation, gaming, analog-to-digital, regional-European, have taken a novel treatment of school-taught subjects pp" = "a basis for potential development for Paideia". Doing so takes the Dragolino Science Quest project for the consciousness of the youth to the next level.

Dragolino offers the possibility of digital-to-analog learning techniques to test and interesting scientific issues in their own games to transform; in the long term, this changes the didactics fundamentally. Game orientation is not only a motivational driver but also means cooperative participation in design lessons. New standards of sustainability set out in the socio-ecological-economic research, as geomancy teaches holistic harmony with oneself, with fellow human being and the environment. The required project work provides the opportunity to convey Knowledge of methodology at an early stage and to schools so that problem-solving competence in isolation from issues. In order for Teens to not only get essential Knowledge for dealing with the knowledge Explosion but also a life-long sustainable orientation.

The project addresses relevant psychological and medical areas (Anti-Gaming-Disorder, opening of channels for the contemporary creativity of the students). The connection of the TRANS-humanist currents could be of interest not only to sociologists and philosophers. The need for the development of new professional fields is addressed and the opening of new channels between the Sciences and students and vice versa. The transforming the School education system in Europe is aimed at modern digital-to-analog orientation about the project work.

All of this fits perfectly with our UNESCO ESD partnership of spaces-of-consciousness together! All of these opportunities that now open up, point out that it is in the right direction... We do more!