Research Funding Application

The research funding application has been submitted. This will open up a gaming framwork for pupils, students and adults, and thus for the majority of society.

The game framework is designed in such a way that anyone can participate, with their own learning project or participating. Alone or in a team. According to the law, participants can "earn" about 400 euros per week, tax-free (requiring a German residency), if there is a positive decision of the administration.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us. Soon we will offer workshops on how co-creative applications can look like.

The game framework combines several approaches, because it also pursues several goals. It extends beyond sciences to properties, mythologies and cosmologies with the aim of examining whether, how and to what extent intrinsic perceptual weaknesses can be resolved in sciences and thus clear the way for sustainable solutions to current problems of Earth and humanity, of the individual and his communities, of his relationships. Thus, relations with partners, families, village communities and even beyond countries, i.e. local, regional, global, are also addressed.

Furthermore, the game serves to explore whether and how this open concept of investigation possibilities can lead to sustainable solutions that result from synergetics, cybernetics, swarm intelligence, coherence and synesthesia.