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We live in a time of diverse ecological, economic, social and spiritual transformation processes. The new epoch that is emerging is still searching for its essence. It is also outlined as the "Anthropocene", the age of the human being. But what exactly is the essence of being human? The global process of understanding it is only just beginning.

Our contribution and heart project is called Hostels on the Edge of the World, loosely based on John Streckley's bestseller 'The Café on the Edge of the World'. There it says very aptly "To be fully ourselves, we must allow our true selves to be. It's as simple as that.". It is precisely for this purpose that we create places of encounter and development of consciousness through the hostels at the edge of the world.

With their simple, aesthetic ambience, which varies from hostel to hostel, from room to room, each of these hostels can be seen as a refuge and manifestorium. In these, a growing range of theories, methods, techniques, tools and instructions are developed and made available - partly with scientific support. All these offers serve on the one hand to inform about access possibilities to inner and outer worlds of experience, or in other words to transformation potentials. In addition, these access possibilities are to be made learnable and applicable in a very practical way in order to use them for co-creative vision realisation as well as resource and meaning-oriented project work.

On the following Dokutopia map you can find all The Why Hostels affiliated to us.

Dokutopia is CC-BY-NC Förderverein Transition Town Kassel e.V.

The cooperative on the project

A European Cooperative (SCE) is in the evaluation phase.

"The Why Hostels" are to become a mutual European Cooperative. If you are interested in joining with your project, please give us some basic information so that we can contact you.

There will probably be different requirements for cooperative shares for members depending on whether it is a for-profit, social-for-profit or for-profit model.
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